Chates Doh Prosper

Iím a sort of sportin bloke

An Iíll play most any gairme,

Iíll ave a goo at anything

Ter me, itís all the sairme.


I doh think that it matters

If yoe win, lose or draw,

I think that how yer play the gairme

Is mooer important than the score.


But mar mate Ronnie doh agree

Itís everythiní to Ďim

Iíve even copped Ďim chatin

To allow hisself ter win.


The other day wile playin golf

His ball went in the ruff,

We cudnít find it anywhere

Heaven knows, we searched enuff.


An hour went by an still no luck

We cudnít find that ball,

I woz just abaht ter pack it in

An then I Ďeard Ron call.


"Hey Alf, yoe wo believe it

Ainít I a jammy soul,

Iíve fahnd the ball, itís over Ďere

Just three foot from the Ďole".


I knowed that Ďe wuz lyin

Even tho heís mar best mate,

He drapped it wen me back woz turned

The dirty little chate


I day see Ďim do it

He woz faster than a rocket

But there woz no way that cud be Ďis ball

Coz Iíd gorrit in me pocket