The Wimberley Head

This is the ONLY way to support a long camera lens on a tripod or other support.

The Wimberley Head works like a gimbal incorporating two widely separated pivot mechanisms. The conventional lower pivot allows for horizontal movement (panning). The upper pivot allows for vertical movement (tilting). An adjustable plafform allows the lens to be located so that the tilt axis intersects the center of gravity of the rotating mass (lens camera and part of the head.) Ball heads and other conventional heads have the tilt pivot below the lens making the lens top heavy and unstable.

Yes it is expensive - but no more banged camera bodies or dinged long lenses.

For not so long toms - use a `SideKick'

HOT UPDATE - Wimberley finally got their own web page

Clay Wimberley is on USA 540-665-2744 and

974 Baker Lane Winchester VA 22603

Call Myk on (UK) 0197-882-1000 or E-mail me for the only local source

or try Cedric Fordeyn in Brussels


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