Pantology Services

This is a non-profit making organisation providing mutual benefit services. Roget's Thesauraus shows `pantology' as literally being all things to all men.

The main activities involve the many aspects of photography

We will shoot anything! or help you do it or leave you to your own devices !

We run a huge warm indoor studio which is equipped to a professional level

We can shoot digital / film and have fast processing facilities

We hire out the studio with all the necessary equipment at VERY reasonable rates

We have young lady models available and a wide range of equipment for shooting wildlife, humans, artefacts and anything else you bring along

We offer free portfolios to would be models so long as we have interviewed them first and found them to have potential!

You may be interested to read our model Portrait Guide

Models who want to promote themselves can take advantage of our Z-card service

We shoot high speed events with computer driven lighting try PartyPopper

Local artists and dealers use us for specialist photography

We will undertake any photographic assignment where there is some mutual benefit

If YOU want to take the pix we are VERY INEXPENSIVE

For example we recently shot a local artist's work in exchange for some of the work

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