Manic photographer rents and shares resources

We rent the studio
with 10 BronColour heads
including Profil 11/26, RingFlash and a Balloon
we have a 8'x4' softbox

to see what we look like see our pictures or a list of sets

I spend a very large part of my life taking photographs mainly for my own benefit. This is an expensive hobby and I have got more out of my investment by sharing with other photographers. For an extreme example I have taken foreign holidays with 3 other photographers to share costs.

I have a large warm photographic studio on the Welsh/Shropshire border and use it for a wide range of photographic work (or digital) and offer a ranges of services.

The studio is very well equipped, warm and convenient. I am always looking for ways to use it more effectively. I have a darkroom and scanning/printing as well as a Nikon D1 & D1x

If you have a common interest and want to photograph your owl in flight or provide a stunning model to share in a session why not let me know?


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