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Picture taken at Heathrow
after a two week sabbatical in Greece
- a year later they are very tanned
and significantly thinner and fitter!
Richard & Tamara

- are UK based and backpacking around the world.

They planned their backpacks in great detail and researched the trip very thoroughly before leaving.

Setting out from Heathrow London in June 1998 for one or two years after quitting good jobs they have sent irregular e-mails some of which are recorded here for other backpacking travellers. We have posted only those which feel may be of interest.

There are some personal details which have been edited out except where the webmaster feels they contribute to the story.

If any family member or friend has something relevant we missed - we'd love to get a copy. (To build this section we have had to OCR a pile of old printouts due to an earlier hard disk failure.)

NEW - pictures from the parental trip to Bolivia and current trip status.

See also /potluck/wedding/index

E-mail list

Richard's letters to his Mum - still waiting for the floppy from Sue!


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